Want to experience one of the greatest children’s books of all time like never before?  Then come along on a magical adventure into The Ultimate Guide to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  Chapter by chapter we explore all of the wonders of Willy Wonka’s World and give you all the tools you need to play along.

The Ultimate Guide To Charlie And The Chocolate Factory is a step by step roadmap to this magical world.   Just some of the fun includes:

  • A story filled with beautiful graphic illustrations including tantalizing Treasure Maps and vibrant tutorials.
  • Over 20 Crafts and activities that not only entertain, but educate.
  • You get to jump inside the book and enjoy creating the adventures yourself (Templates, maps, and more are included.)
  • Ever wonder where chocolate comes from? Or how gum is made?  Wonder no more. Now you get to make your own.
  • Conduct activities in the areas of crafting, cooking, and game-playing as well as exploring many facets of candy production.
  • The option to take Charlie’s journey over the course of several days or take shorter journeys if you wish.
  • The creation of a new ritual of reading time with your family and the opportunity to experience the reading of this imaginative tale as a group activity, not a solitary event.

A unique collaboration between co-authors Valarie Budayr and Roscoe Welply, this dynamic duo has crafted an amazing world that leaps from the pages, and coaxes the reader to immerse themselves into the anticipation of adventure.  Available now on iTunes or PDF

The Most Beautiful Children’s Book I’ve Ever Seen
Bella Andre
New York Times & USA Today bestselling author
LET ME BE THE ONE (The Sullivans #6)

Makes me weep with wonder.
Jamie Ridler
Jamie Ridler Studios, where creativity comes to life.
As a Life Long Educator I was Excited and Curious to peek between the pages of The Ultimate Guide to Charlie and The Chocolate Factory.
It SO exceeded my Expectations.
If we only had one gift to give our children it would be the Gift of Reading!
With the invent and onslaught of Technology many children and families do not encourage Reading.
Well, folks that is getting ready to cease!
With this book regardless of age You are transported to another Time….through a Portal of Discovery, Adventure and don’t tell the children but also Learning!
The story begins between the tattered and worn pages of an ancient styled book.
Like out of the Library of Alexandria.
One feels the building excitement of entering a Magical and Mysterious Journey . Adults are provided all the necessary details, tools, instructions, templates etc. that are necessary to provide The Adventure. You can even download the supply list for Your visit to the store.
From an educational viewpoint the book enables both adults and children to enjoy and experience the voyage together.
When it says Jump it means JUMP.
Each new chapter is another opportunity for Innovation. Every discipline is covered in a delightful and enchanting way and children will not even realize all the Subject Content they are learning.
Along the way, Science, Math, Geography to name a few are taught and done so in a captivating manner.
The surprising part was the development of Community! How Fun to enjoy the Adventure with children and families within Your own neighborhoods. Think Book Clubs but for Children and Families……..this is a Exquisite and Enchanting Journey!

Debbie Saviano
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Valarie Budayr and Roscoe Welply’s Ultimate Guide To Charlie & the Chocolate Factory is a true delectable gem. The journey through this book weaves chapter by chapter with games, recipes, crafts and history of the most yummy and enticing delicacies, chocolate, gum, and other treats known to child (and adult!) alike. Perfect for groups, homeschooling lessons or just plain family learning & fun. They have impeccable instructions to guide you including print-outs and questions for pondering. A chocolate lover’s dream book adventure. I can’t wait to start this with my own children!
Donna Ashton
Bringing Wisdom to the Next generation.. is that what you need?
Have you ever wanted to visit Willy Wonka’s famous chocolate factory? I know I did when I was little. I still do!
Jump into a Book’s Ultimate Guide to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory allows families to do just that. This wonderful eBook is packed, not just with interesting facts about how chocolate and Gobstoppers are made, but also with clever games like “Gobstopper Dobblers” and “The Nut Room Squirrel Snatching Game”. And who doesn’t want to learn how to make their own “Fizzy Lifting Drinks” or “Square Candies Looking Round”? There are even step by step patterns so readers can create their own “Willy Wonka Top Hat” and “Mini Maze in a Box Game”. It made me wish I had a time machine so I could go back and give this delightful book to my eight-year-old self. The hands on activities and games will allow you to make delicious memories with your own children.

Marilyn Scott-Waters.
Valarie Budayr and Roscoe Welply have created a dynamic new genre with their Ultimate Guide to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! I wept with joy when I first set eyes upon it because it is such an innovative, creative accomplishment. This is truly a groundbreaking, interactive, educational, cleverly entertaining ebook full of games, experiences and learning opportunities that children of all ages (and adults) will enjoy returning to again and again. It will bring families and friends together with simple, playfully shared activities, from experimenting with recipes to making crafts, mazes and playing newly invented games. With the Ultimate Guide to Charlie, children will learn where in the world cocoa beans grow and then can apply their new found understanding of how to make chocolate to making their own chocolate delicacies. Creative recipes are included to make luscious chocolate strawberry fudge treats to Swudge, and chewing gum; there is even advice as to how to play with a gobstopper when it’s out of your mouth! The greatest fun involved with jumping into a book is being able to share the experience with others and The Ultimate Guide to Charlie will enable everyone to enjoy jumping into this book together!
Leslie Ehrin, Mellowood Publishing, LLC Publishing to Grow Creativity and Literacy. Moonbeam Gold Medal winner for Just About A Year: All about Season.
I am thoroughly impressed by your iBook. I have already recommended it to a number of teachers for the upcoming school year. As a student of Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences, I am such a fan of how your iBook speaks to so many different ways of learning. I can’t help but think that Roald Dahl would be impressed, too.
Jennifer Shanley, CTO | Marketing, prMac | prmac.com